Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My USA Tour

The month of May was significant to many of us in Singapore. There were so many special days of celebration such as Vesak Day, Mothers' Day, HH Karmapa's birthday, etc. The most important was the Visit of HH Gyalwa Karmapa to Singapore. His visit to this island transformed the entire atmosphere of Singapore into a spiritual land where people from all over the world came to seek blessings and listened to his teachings.

The Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre here was the central focus for everyone as it hosted HH Visit. Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre was established by HH the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa in 1981.
All those special moments several weeks ago are just memories now as I am flying to Chicago at this point in time as per my teaching schedule. Today early morning, I left for Changi airport to travel to Chicago via Narita airport in Tokyo. At this moment I am in the air and writing this on my IPad. I am penning this as I recall all the recent events and also our dear members and devotees of Singapore.

Wow, time flies and in just the blink of an eye as I thought of completing this article, the plane touched down and I am now in the United States. Upon arrival, I have many appointments and engagements such as catching up with friends and relatives. I could not really find time to complete my article. My tardiness also played a part in this delayed article. Now, I am again in the plane and heading towards Washington DC for teaching at a Bodhi Path centre there.

My first teaching in Chicago centre went well and the subject I taught was The Four Dharma of Gampopa. This subject touches the essence of the entire Buddha’s teachings. I explained in brief as there was not enough time to explain at length. Prior to that, I gave oral transmission of collection of Mantra as the students specially requested it on the first night. I also gave some background explanation about the significance of this collection of mantras. That seemed useful as they intended to practice diligently so it must be properly explained.

Over all I had a wonderful time at Chicago with Bodhi Path members. They are very nice people and we exchanged many stories, jokes and meals. We had a lovely walk at an Indian town called Dewan as well lake side. Well, meetings always end up in separations, though if you think about it positively, separation is also the preparation of yet another meeting. Without a separation, there won't be possibility of meeting. So let’s wait to meet again and be happy.

I have a similar nice time also with my relatives in Madison. Everyone was so happy to receive me. The whole family took leave from work to entertain and kept me company happily for several days. I had a wonderful picnic at Devils Lake and after lunch we trekked the mountains. The overview of the lake and height above the rocky mountain was really indescribable and majestic. That moment reminded me of a cartoon movie named Lion King where the lion overlooked from the giant rock very majestically. Ha ha!

So through this report, I would love to express thanks to all the wonderful people I met in Chicago and Madison. I will always remember you in my prayers and my loving thoughts will be always be with you.

Seems the plane will land in Washington soon so I better penned down here. I will write again once I have the time and inspiration.

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